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davidad (David A. Dalrymple) davidad @protocol USA

davidad/8queens 63

x64 assembler solution to n-queens problem. Not tested for n!=8.

dasmith/IsisWorld 25

3D micro-world generator for evaluating AI systems

davidad/fasm_example_64 21

Using FASM (the Flat assembler) cross-platform (OSX/Linux)

davidad/asm_concurrency 17

A demo of concurrency primitives in x64 assembly

davidad/mesh 13

Software from scratch. An OS with the heart of a database.

davidad/asmx 6

Just some stuff in FASM

davidad/lib6dof 6

Simple C library for 3DConnexion devices based on signal11/hidapi

davidad/fhtw 5

Fastest Hash Table in the West

davidad/ 3

Technical Journal