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davesters/rn-native-mqtt 36

An MQTT client for React Native that actually works and exposes a simple Javascript interface

davesters/js-dsl-example 14

Javascript DSL Example

davesters/SmallBasicInterpreter 4

This is a small basic interpreter written in TypeScript and developed with Node.js.

davesters/jQueryGooglyEyes 2

This let's you make eye contact with your DOM elements so you always know where you stand with them.

davesters/redis-eph-checkpoints 2

Use Redis for the Checkpoint and Lease manager with Azure Event Processor Host (EPH) in Java

davesters/functional-todo-example 1

A todo application written in PHP in a functional style

davesters/TouchMySlider 1

Create touch slide-able panels not unlike the iPhone or Android launchers

davesters/AlgorithmsCourse 0

Coursera Algorithms Course

davesters/bicep 0

Bicep is a declarative language for describing and deploying Azure resources

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Docker - the open-source application container engine

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issue commentwithfig/fig

Fig seems to mess with background process handling in Nodemon.

I quit it by just qutting the app (not deleting it).

However, I was about to report back in a bit. I saw it happen again even without Fig running, so now I am not so sure it is because of Fig. I made sure Fig was not running and restarted VS Code and haven't seen it again yet. I'll keep going about my normal business and run it with and without fig for longer and see what happens. Probably safe to close this issue for now.

Thanks for the quick response.


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issue openedwithfig/fig

Fig seems to mess with background process handling in Nodemon.


Fig seems to mess with whatever process manager that is used by nodemon. I've been running my node apps locally with nodemon during development in the VSCode Terminal. When nodemon goes to restart the process when I modify files, more than half the time it doesn't kill the process properly, so when it tries to restart it, the port is used so it fails. I have to manually kill the process and restart nodemon.

This never happened before, but started happening after I installed Fig. I turned Fig off and it appears to have stopped happening. I don't have much more information than that at this time.

Let me know if you need me to run any debug tools or get more information.


macOS Fig Shell
11.5.2 Version 1.0.48 (B264) /bin/zsh

<details><summary><code>fig diagnostic</code></summary> <p> <pre>Version 1.0.48 (B264) [U.S.] UserShell: /bin/zsh Bundle path: /Applications/ Autocomplete: true Settings.json: true CLI installed: true CLI tool path: ~/.fig/bin/fig Accessibility: true Number of specs: 196 SSH Integration: false Tmux Integration: true Keybindings path: ~.fig/user/keybindings iTerm Integration: true [Authenticated] Hyper Integration: false VSCode Integration: true Docker Integration: true Symlinked dotfiles: false Only insert on tab: false Installation Script: true SecureKeyboardInput: false SecureKeyboardProcess: <none> Current active process: ??? (???) - ??? Current working directory: ??? Current window identifier: ???</pre> </p> </details>

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