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Dave davelavoie EP4 Corporation Québec Twitter: @DaveLavoieQC

davelavoie/inbox-in-gmail 0

Web extension that adds features of Google Inbox to Gmail

davelavoie/REM-unit-polyfill 0

A polyfill to parse CSS links and rewrite pixel equivalents into head for non supporting browsers

davelavoie/thickbox 0

The famous thickbox library as a bower package

davelavoie/workspace-images 0

Ready to use docker images for Gitpod workspaces

davelavoie/wp-term-icons 0

Pretty icons for categories, tags, and other taxonomy terms

EP4/stripe-iiftoqbo 0

A ruby gem that transforms Stripe's transaction history from IIF format to QBO for import into QuickBooks Online.