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Don Pflaster darksheik @SeatScouts Jersey City, NJ NYC-area based database expert and web app developer. Specialty in Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL. Experience with PHP, Perl, and Java.

darksheik/algoclass 1

Taking Stanford University Algorithms Design and Analysis I online course (

darksheik/backbonequickly 1

Following the Backbone.js Quickly screencasts

darksheik/backbonerails 1

Following the Backbone.js Quickly Rails screencasts

darksheik/basic_site 1

A Michael Hartl Rails site with only basic user model. Build from here!

darksheik/catalyst_myapp 1

Following the Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial Module

darksheik/colorbars 1

Testing Devise authentication along with some pretty colors.

darksheik/elevators 1

A system to manage a bank of elevators, silly fun side project in pure Ruby

darksheik/elunie 1

A test game challenge I came across

darksheik/jasminetest 1

Very simple examples of Pivotal's Jasmine testing framework. Run "rake jasmine" in the project's root to start the test suite.

darksheik/kittybase 1

My first Rails app! A catster-like site for telling people a little too much about your cats.