danwrong/restler 2004

REST client library for node.js

danwrong/loadrunner 280

Simple, flexible and sane JavaScript loader and build tool for browsers.

danwrong/low-pro-for-jquery 135

A jQuery plugin version of the Low Pro behavior framework.

danwrong/low-pro 101

Extensions to Prototype to aid in writing unobstrusive JavaScript

danwrong/code-highlighter 65

A compact, extensible code highlighter written in JavaScript

danwrong/loadbuilder 24

Node package for building combine minified JavaScript files for use with Loadrunner

danwrong/liquid-inheritance 22

Django-style template inheritance for the Liquid templating language

danwrong/couchrestler 11

A CouchDB interface for node.js written on top of Restler

danwrong/merb_openid 10

An OpenID Consumer plugin for Merb