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danmey/omonad 19

Monad syntax using ppx extensions

danmey/ocaml-gui 9

OpenGL custom drawn GUI, using object-oriented features of OCaml.

danmey/gc 8

Precise garbage collector, tailored for intensive allocation (e.g. functional languages)

danmey/Dom_react 7

Reactive programming in browser via. React module and js_of_ocaml

danmey/fource 5

Forth compiler

danmey/Indigo 5

Tabletop engine in OCaml

danmey/elfoncaml 4

OCaml libelf bindings. Currently only reading of ELF files is supported.

danmey/Ilist 3

Indexed lists for OCaml

danmey/ocaml-bitstream 3

Efficient bit streams for OCaml