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danielkrainas/critr 4

A NodeJS/browser compatible object filtering and manipulation library that uses a flexible and extensible MongoDB-like syntax.

danielkrainas/csense 2

Subscribe to container events with web hooks

danielkrainas/docker-registry-client 1

A Go API client for the v2 Docker Registry API

danielkrainas/angular.js 0

HTML enhanced for web apps

danielkrainas/aws-s3-proxy 0

Reverse proxy for AWS S3 with basic authentication.

danielkrainas/azimuthjs 0

A geo webapp building companion to AngularJS

danielkrainas/Batch 0

A lovingly designed and crafted suite of 300 (and counting) icons for web and user interface design.

danielkrainas/binance_cli 0

Binance command-line access


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started time in 3 months


started time in 3 months