Dan Bovey danbovey @poqcommerce London Frontend Web Engineer at Poq -- React, Node.js, PHP, Python, C# & Go.

danbovey/EmojiPanel 135

😀 A customisable Javascript emoji picker

danbovey/awesome-home-media-center 36

📺 A curated list of awesome tools and software for your Home Media Center and TV bingeing!

danbovey/fontname 9

🅰️ Parse font file (TTF, OTF) metadata like font family name.

danbovey/Mess 8

💬 A Discord skin for

danbovey/Flatbook 6

📘 A flat redesign of Facebook for Google Chrome

danbovey/Dekt 5

⭕️ client in the style of TVShowTime

AbsoluteCraft/Website 4

🗺 Server website built with Laravel

danbovey/MinecraftSplashScreen 4

🏞 The Minecraft main menu built with three.js

danbovey/FlagKit-Squared 3

🇬🇧 Beautiful flag icons for usage in apps and on the web - now square.

danbovey/laravel-linkheader-paginator 3

✉️ Laravel Paginator that removes the envelope and puts pagination info in the HTTP Link header!


started time in 2 months