CJ KIM damyo D.FY seoul, South Korea 공상을 바탕으로 환상적인 것들을 만들고 싶은 프론트엔드 개발자

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정적 사이트 생성기 Hugo를 이용한 블로그 서비스입니다. (feat. Ghost Theme)

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Bootstrap for front-end development environment

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It's a To Do app.

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with Arduino

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Spoqa's dev team blog

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Various sharing options

I didn't want to reveal my work to everyone. So I paid for it. For the private option only. But the moment I set it to private, I was embarrassed to see that there was no way to share it with others. I want options in the same way as Google Drive. (e.g., Anyone with the link can view) Please consider this feature.

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