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Cadence Baker d-baker UX designer, musician, Linux nerd / FKA Dorothea

d-baker/bots 6

twitter bots

d-baker/NaNoGenMo-2014 4

degenerative novel, written by computer

d-baker/clevo-keyboard-backlight-control 2

Command-line utility for toggling and changing colorscheme of Clevo RGB keyboards.

d-baker/react-clock 2

minimal web clock, created to replace a broken wall clock

d-baker/nightmarewebsite 1

fewer nightmares with jekyll

d-baker/visualiser 1

an experiment in audio visualisation using my own and friends' music

d-baker/100000000000 0

2048 in binary

d-baker/bn-generator 0

Fashionable metal bandname generator - affectionately poking fun at unoriginality.

d-baker/botlang-website 0

a probably abandoned online dictionary for botlang (

d-baker/Celestia 0

Real-time 3D visualization of space.