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do not run it

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my homebrew

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The Likelihood Fitting Framework (LiFF) for the high-level analysis of sky map data collected by the HAWC Observatory. It is packaged into a compact version of the HAWC software framework AERIE.

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The PyAutoFit workspace

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🌐 Source code of

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library to read/write .npy and .npz files in C/C++

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Codes to reproduce the plots in the cocoon paper.

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root: add mysql support

What features does this enable? Would a significant fraction of root users find them useful?

this support root mysql ui support, not everyone needs the plugin, but it's useful


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root: add mysql support

add mysql support

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  • [ ] Does your build pass brew audit --strict <formula> (after doing brew install --build-from-source <formula>)? If this is a new formula, does it pass brew audit --new <formula>?

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root: add mysql support add mysql support

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🍻 Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS (or Linux)

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create barnchcxwx/

branch : gh-pages

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fork cxwx/phpvirtualbox

A web interface to manage and access Virtualbox machines.

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issue openedphpactor/phpactor

autocomplete with require_once not work

$graph = new Graph(900, 500);

could not autocomplete does phpactor support require_once('') ?

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fork cxwx/hugo

The world’s fastest framework for building websites.

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