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ctdk/goiardi 277

A Chef server written in Go, able to run entirely in memory, with optional persistence with saving the in-memory data to disk or using MySQL or Postgres as the data storage backend. Docs:

ctdk/bsdgames-osx 53

The classic bsdgames of yore, for Mac OS X.

ctdk/chef-lighttpd 5

Chef cookbook for lighttpd

ctdk/dwarf_fortress 5

A Chef cookbook for installing Dwarf Fortress.

ctdk/homebrew-ctdk 4

Some homebrew formulae for programs I've written.

ctdk/jovian-noise 4

A program to forecast Jupiter decameter radio storms.

ctdk/chef-server-webui 2

Web Interface to Open Source Chef Server 11, forked for goiardi.

ctdk/go-trie 2

Trie implementation based on a minimal automaton for Go

apexlearning/fake-secretsmanager 1

A stand-in for AWS Secrets Manager for local testing that doesn't require access to the real Secrets Manager