Chris Stoll cstolli WorldWide Digital Media Sebastopol, CA

cstolli/CDVBundleInfo 5

A simple Cordova 1.7.0 iOS plugin for getting the launch image, icon, build, version, and display name from XCode plist settings, and using them in your Javascript/HTML to make about pages, copyright strings, version strings, etc. for Cordova/Phonegap apps.

ciena-attic/ember-frost-select 1

Deprecated. Please use

cstolli/ember-frost-select 1

the drop-down select widget to rule them all

ciena-attic/ember-frost-checkbox 0

It's a check, in a box. It's a checkbox.

cstolli/3DAudio 0

Simple demo of 3D and Web Audio

cstolli/beaker 0

Toolkit for building web interfaces

cstolli/boombap 0

an ember drum machine

cstolli/bunsen-core 0

Core libraries for bunsen

cstolli/bunsen-tools 0

A simple CLI toolset for working with Bunsen Models and Views