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Harry Roberts csswizardry CSS Wizardry Leeds, UK Consultant Front-end Architect • @inuitcss Lead

csswizardry/inuit.css 3884

Powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework.

csswizardry/CSS-Guidelines 3652

High-level guidelines for writing manageable, maintainable CSS

csswizardry/csswizardry-grids 1482

Simple, fluid, nestable, flexible, Sass-based, responsive grid system.

csswizardry/beautons 213

A beautifully simple button toolkit

csswizardry/csscv 205

A simple, opinionated stylesheet for formatting semantic HTML to look like a CSS file.

csswizardry/discovr 161

CSS Architecture workshop files

csswizardry/dotfiles 101

Starting small… my dotfiles for a few things.

csswizardry/inuit.css-web-template 90

Web template for housing the inuit.css framework as submodule

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