Cristian Petrescu-Prahova cristipp

cristipp/allennlp 0

An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.

cristipp/coref_annotator 0

Web based application/GUI to annotate coreference resolution data over plaintext

cristipp/coronadatascraper 0

COVID-19 Coronavirus data scraped from government and curated data sources.

cristipp/decaNLP 0

The Natural Language Decathlon: A Multitask Challenge for NLP

cristipp/escape 0

Sivia's first escape game

cristipp/hmtl 0

🌊HMTL: Hierarchical Multi-Task Learning - A State-of-the-Art neural network model for several NLP tasks based on PyTorch and AllenNLP

cristipp/spider-schema-gnn 0

Author implementation of the paper "Representing Schema Structure with Graph Neural Networks for Text-to-SQL Parsing"

cristipp/spider-schema-gnn-global 0

Author implementation of Global Reasoning over Database Structures for Text-to-SQL Parsing