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Sergii Boiko cris Railsware Kyiv, Ukraine

cris/yggdrasil 3

Erlang RESTfull application server

cris/erlang-alternate.vim 2

Switch between source and test files with :A-command in Erlang projects

cris/malias 2

"module alias" - use any Erlang module with shorter name

cris/ruby-quiz-in-python 1

Many RubyQuiz(from appropriate book) implemented in Python

cris/rubyshift-2012 1

JRuby troubleshooting - Slides for RubyShift 2012

cris/sokoban 1

bare game logic engine in Erlang

slash/twname 1

A short twitter name finder based on your name

cris/authlogic 0

A simple model based ruby authentication solution.

cris/brightbytes-sendgrid 0

Sendgrid integration gem

cris/codewars-runner-cli 0

This project contains the CLI tool that allows and to execute unsafe code remotely in multiple languages.


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issue commentstripe/stripe-ruby

"expand" doesn't work.

Before I end up here, I tried to expand invoice_settings.default_payment_method and my first thought was - maybe it's not supported. Only after checking expansion with Stripe CLI I realized this is some bug in the gem.

The workaround above worked for me, thank you @remi-stripe . Although, I believe other people can easily run into the same issue, so would be great to have a fix.


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