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cowile Austin, TX Hacker, Reader, Singer

cowile/elfeed 1

An Emacs web feeds client

cowile/neovim 1

Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

cowile/bear_voila 0

Demo bear classifier with fastai and Voila

cowile/clojure-koans 0

A set of exercises for learning Clojure

cowile/cloudflared 0

Argo Tunnel client

cowile/course-v4 0

Pre-release of v4 of

cowile/erlang-koans 0

Erlang Koans

cowile/fastbook 0

Draft of the fastai book

cowile/go-koans 0

koans for go

cowile/HaskellKoans 0

Haskell Koans for the Vancouver's Haskell UnMeetup

issue openedatlas-engineer/nyxt

Web process crashes with javascript error on

cwl@x1 ~$ nyxt -I
<INFO> [04:06:41] Listening to socket "/run/user/1000/nyxt/nyxt.socket".
Nyxt version 2.1.1
<INFO> [04:06:41] Loading Lisp file "/home/cwl/.config/nyxt/auto-config.lisp".
<INFO> [04:06:44] Loading history of 48 URLs from "/home/cwl/.local/share/nyxt/history/default.lisp".
<INFO> [04:06:44] Loading "".
<WARN> [04:06:47] Warning: Web process crashed for buffer 2
<WARN> [04:06:47] Warning: JavaScript error: GError: Domain: "WebKitJavascriptError", Code: 699, Message: 
<INFO> [04:06:50] Pressed keys: C-x
<INFO> [04:06:50] Deleting socket "/run/user/1000/nyxt/nyxt.socket".

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issue openedatlas-engineer/nyxt

KeepassXC Integration Problems

nyxt --version Nyxt version 2.1.1

There are multiple issues attempting to use built-in Keepass support.

  1. I have 230 passwords in my database. This is not a huge number, but it causes several seconds of delay between entering my master password and seeing choices in the minibuffer.
  2. Passwords under folders are inaccessible. I only see the folder name, not any of the passwords under it.
  3. Nyxt crashes on running copy-password if both password-store and keepassxc are installed on the same system.

I have no real preference for keepass over password-store, so I will use the latter for now. But these issues were shocking when first encountered.

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fork cowile/java-koans-1

A framework and lessons to learn java syntax and idioms in a logical sequence.

fork in 2 months

fork cowile/java-koans

Koan style education exercises for Java

fork in 2 months