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Colin Taylor coltnz SMX Ltd Auckland, New Zealand

coltnz/defm 3

A small Clojure library designed to provide a simple pattern matching defn-like construct called defm.

coltnz/clevernote 2

A command line interface to Evernote

coltnz/clj-git 1

Git client for Clojure.

coltnz/conduit-rabbitmq 1

A library for building distributed applications in Clojure using RabbitMQ

coltnz/enlive-tutorial 1

An Easy Introduction to Enlive

coltnz/IClojure 1

A better Interactive REPL for Clojure

coltnz/la-clojure 1

Clojure plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

coltnz/alia 0

Cassandra CQL3 Clojure client - datastax/java-driver wrapper

coltnz/boot-http 0

A simple HTTP serve task for the Boot build tool

coltnz/buddy-core 0

Cryptographic api for Clojure


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PR closed day8/re-frame

Add support for multithreading dynamic appdb

This commit implements the idea explored by Techascent in this blogpost.

It accomplishes it by changing appdb to be a dynamic variable. Then, when needed, one could serve an html with this snippet:

(defn- handle-route*
 (let [db-id (util/uuid)
       result (with-bindings {#'re-frame.db/app-db-id db-id}
                (swap! rf.db/db-atoms* assoc db-id app-db)
                (gen-html app-db))]
   (re-frame.db/clear-app-db db-id)

It makes sure that the cljs behavior is unchanged and only adds clj support.

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pull request commentday8/re-frame

Add support for multithreading dynamic appdb

Hi @werenall, thank you for the contribution.

We've read through your patch and can see it would provide some value, but at this point we're (Day8) still focussed on the more ambitious (and overlapping) ideas of 'multi-instance re-frame'. See EP2 for more on this.


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