Carter McKendry cmckendry @1stdibs New York, NY Director of System Operations @1stdibs

cmckendry/Configurations 1

My dotfiles! Probably less useful if you aren't me, but might be inspiring/interesting. Based on settings published by Mathias Bynens.

cmckendry/ 1

Fork of synedra's pyflix library for accessing the Netflix API via Python

1stdibs/flightplan 0

Run sequences of shell commands against local and remote hosts.

1stdibs/hubot-slack 0

This is a Hubot adapter to use with Slack.

1stdibs/node-varnish 0

node.js implementation of the varnish telnet management protocol (

1stdibs/YangMingShan 0

YangMingShan is a collection of iOS UI components that we created while building Yahoo apps.

cmckendry/sitemapchecker 0

Quick-and-dirty script for checking the validity of an XML sitemap