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clkao/awesome-dat 93

A curated list of the dat data ecosystem.

agentzh/old-openresty 70

Obsolete 1st generation of OpenResty written mostly in Perl. Please check out the new OpenResty based on Nginx and Lua instead.

clkao/AnyMQ 29

Simple message queue based on AnyEvent

clkao/angular-brunch-seed-livescript 21

AngularJS +

audreyt/ 19

Online JavaScript to LiveScript converter.

clkao/angular-livescript-seed 18

ultra-modern angular seed with livescript

c9s/perldoc-zhtw-translation 16

Perldoc Translation in zh-tw

clkao/AnyMQ-AMQP 13

amqp binding for AnyMQ

audreyt/plv8js 10

Integration between Postgres and the V8 Javascript, with CoffeeScript and LiveScript support

c9s/perl-poppler 7

basic porting of poppler


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