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Clemens Radermacher clemera Germany Feel free to submit bug reports, PRs, suggestions or questions.

clemera/objed 300

Navigate and edit text objects with Emacs. Development on pause.

clemera/buffer-expose 171

Visual buffer switching in Emacs using a window grid

clemera/frog-menu 98

Quickly pick items from ad hoc menus in Emacs

clemera/helm-ido-like-guide 93

Guide to get an intuitive and more ido-like helm interface in Emacs. Recommends configurations and packages to improve helms default interface.

clemera/dired-git-info 61

Show git info in Emacs dired

clemera/ivy-explorer 56

Dynamic file browsing grid for Emacs

clemera/clipboard-collector 9

Collect clipboard entries according to regex rules in Emacs.

clemera/awesome-emacs 1

A community driven list of useful Emacs packages, libraries and others.

clemera/amx 0

An alternative M-x interface for Emacs.

clemera/async-completing-read 0

An async-capable completing read function