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Clay McClure claymation SpaceX Los Angeles, CA Armchair astronaut with a penchant for programming

claymation/python-builtwith 26

BuiltWith API client

claymation/django-zillow-neighborhoods 21

Django application for importing and querying Zillow's free neighborhood data

claymation/CPPM 7

Combined PPM (CPPM) Receiver Library for Arduino

claymation/lander 6

Vision-based precision landing for multicopters

claymation/django-zendesk 5

Django application for handling HTTP target callbacks from Zendesk.

claymation/pystogram 4

Display time-series histograms of Apache-style log files on the command-line.

claymation/cfping 2

Test the performance and availability of the Rackspace cloudfiles service.

claymation/django-sonicwall 2

Django app for authorizing SonicWall LHM wifi clients

claymation/django-toggles 1

Easily add dynamic two-state toggle buttons to your Django project.

claymation/toros 1

Tiny real-time OS

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Clay McClure

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Clay McClure

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Update copyright to 2021

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