cengage/cafe 0

CAFe Eventing

cjnygard/activemq 0

Mirror of Apache ActiveMQ

cjnygard/angular-oauth2-oidc 0

Support for OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect (OIDC) in Angular.

cjnygard/angular-spring-data-rest 0

An AngularJS module to ease the work with a Spring Data REST backend.

cjnygard/autorest-openapi 0

JAX-RS service interface generator for Open API specification

cjnygard/cafe 0

CAFe Eventing

cjnygard/camel 0

Mirror of Apache Camel

cjnygard/camel-cookbook-examples 0

Example source code for Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook

cjnygard/ 0

Record the speed of cars passing in front of the Raspberry Pi Picamera

cjnygard/commons-scxml 0

Mirror of Apache Commons SCXML