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cite/telegraf_fritzbox 8

Quick and dirty FRITZ!Box UPnP plugin for telegraf.

cite/pydtm 6

Python (Euro)DOCSIS Traffic Meter

cite/beautifulhugo 0

Theme for the Hugo static website generator

cite/bgcam 0

Virtual Linux webcam replacing the background

cite/check_opsgenie_hb 0

Icinga/Nagios plugin to heartbeat with OpsGenie

cite/configs 0

dotfiles and other configuration files

cite/dotfiles 0

Short snippet for dotfile and permission management in git

cite/fritzbox_exporter 0

Fritz!Box Upnp statistics exporter for prometheus

cite/kingpin 0

A Go (golang) command line and flag parser

cite/kubeadm-vagrant-ansible 0

Simple wannabe generic Kubernetes Cluster build with Ansible on Vagrant

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Virtual Linux webcam replacing the background

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