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chrismamo1/awesome-ocaml 0

A curated collection of awesome OCaml tools, frameworks, libraries and articles.

chrismamo1/camelcase 0

Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase: foo-bar → fooBar

chrismamo1/ 0

my personal site

chrismamo1/ColorSVG 0

Simple web application for changing colors of SVG icons

chrismamo1/common-lisp-subset 0

My interpreter for a limited subset of Common Lisp, written in CS324 Principles of Programming Languages

chrismamo1/core 0

Jane Street Capital's standard library overlay

chrismamo1/core_extended 0

Jane Street Capital's standard library overlay

chrismamo1/core_kernel 0

Jane Street Capital's standard library overlay (kernel)

chrismamo1/cs113_tools 0

A set of tools and documents for use by CS113 students at New Mexico Tech.

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