Chris Eppstein chriseppstein @vantage-sh San Jose, CA Principal Staff Engineer at @vantage-sh.

chriseppstein/compass-colors 185

Color Tools and Theme Support for Compass and Sass

chriseppstein/compass-sinatra 63

help fix this demo of compass and sinatra

chriseppstein/compass-rails-sample-application 59

Demonstrates how to configure a rails application to use Compass

chriseppstein/blueprint-sass 32

The blueprint stylesheet framework in sass. Development has moved to my project named Compass.

chriseppstein/ 24

The Compass Stylesheet Framework's Website

chriseppstein/Compass-Layouts 22

Some layouts for compass

chriseppstein/ 18

My OSS Development Blog

chriseppstein/compass-validator 17

A CSS Validator that is used by the Compass CSS Framework.

chriseppstein/bohconf 5

Materials for BohConf