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chrisbarr/AmazonSNS-PHP-API 68

A lightweight PHP wrapper for the Amazon SNS API

chrisbarr/Beanstalk-PHP-API 17

PHP API library for Beanstalk

chrisbarr/jQuery.clickHold 3

jQuery plugin providing click and hold functionality

chrisbarr/BeanstalkAPIBundle 2

Symfony2 bundle for the Beanstalk PHP API

chrisbarr/github-buttons 2

Showcase any GitHub repo's success with these two simple, static buttons featuring dynamic watch and fork counts.

chrisbarr/JSONp 1

Lightweight javascript code to make JSONp calls and cleanup!

chrisbarr/postmark-php 1

Postmark PHP class

chrisbarr/sfBeanstalk-PHP-API 1

Symfony2 specific copy of Beanstalk-PHP-API

chrisbarr/TwitterEntitiesLinker 1

TwitterEntitiesLinker is a PHP script to add links into tweets by using entities data.


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