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chrisamanse/CheckboxButton 49

A checkbox button UI component for iOS built with Swift

chrisamanse/iOS-NSDate-Utilities 35

Powerful extensions for NSDate in Swift.

chrisamanse/OTPKit 23

Pure Swift implementation of one-time password algorithms.

chrisamanse/CircularProgressView 16

A circular progress view for iOS implemented in Swift

chrisamanse/CryptoKit 13

Pure Swift implementations of cryptographic functions

chrisamanse/Changes 11

A Swift framework that computes changes occurred in a `CollectionType`

chrisamanse/iOS-KeyboardAccessoryToolbar 10

A simple keyboard accessory toolbar for iOS implemented in Swift.

chrisamanse/RadioButton 7

A radio button UI component for iOS built in Swift.

chrisamanse/Codegen 4

An open source one-time password generator for iOS.

chrisamanse/QRSwift 4

A Swift framework for generating QR codes