Yih-Dar chiapas @biggerpan-inc Paris NLP machine learning engineer.

chiapas/android.pitt 0

PiTT on Google Play

chiapas/Comparateur 0

Projet Etudiant - Polytech Marseille

chiapas/cpython 0

The Python programming language

chiapas/fairseq 0

Facebook AI Research Sequence-to-Sequence Toolkit written in Python.

chiapas/flashtext 0

Extract Keywords from sentence or Replace keywords in sentences.

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Pitt on App Store

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A repo for training

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Open Source Routing Machine - C++ backend

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Pitt on App Store

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PiTT on Google Play

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issue openedhuggingface/torchMoji

tweet training dataset

As mentioned in DeepMoji GitHub repo, the large Twitter dataset of tweets with emojis is not released.

I wonder if there is still a chance to get the original training dataset, even a permission is required. If I understand correctly, torchMoji is also trained on the same dataset, right? Could you share how you get the training dataset? Thank you.

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