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Chelsea Yang chelseayangmi Being drowned in data gets my adrenaline going on.

chelseayangmi/chelsea_hw290 7

Homework of 290

chelseayangmi/data-x 7

This repository is for the Data-X project materials

chelseayangmi/r-bootcamp-2018 7

Materials for the 2018 R bootcamp at UC Berkeley. See below (under the listing of files) for information about the bootcamp, including logistics, how to get the course content, and how to install the software you need for the bootcamp on your laptop.

chelseayangmi/RiskEx 7

Data Mining, Time Series Analysis, and NLP on Bitcoin Related News Events

chelseayangmi/data-engineering-gcp 1

Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

chelseayangmi/training-data-analyst 1

Labs and demos for courses for GCP Training (

chelseayangmi/100-Days-Of-ML-Code 0

100 Days of ML Coding

chelseayangmi/AD.AI 0

Homepage of AD.AI

chelseayangmi/awesome-deep-learning 0

A curated list of awesome Deep Learning tutorials, projects and communities.