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Rod Elias chapeupreto @fretebras Brazil Breaking the loop! 🐿

chapeupreto/facilitamovel-sms 2

API em PHP para envio de mensagens SMS usando a solução da empresa FacilitaMóvel

chapeupreto/10-minute-vim-exercises 0

The exercise files from 10 Minute Vim, for convenience of readers

chapeupreto/a-year-review 0

Yearly review by tech people

chapeupreto/airtable-sdk-php 0

Flexible SDK in PHP for the Airtable API. Beta software, so use with caution.

chapeupreto/ 0

Everything of

chapeupreto/apc 0

Implementação de exercícios da disciplina Algoritmos e Programação de Computadores

chapeupreto/api-development-tools 0

:books: A collection of useful resources for building RESTful HTTP+JSON APIs.

chapeupreto/array-functions 0

Some handy array functions

chapeupreto/AutoRoute 0

Automatically maps HTTP requests to PHP action classes.

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Add jonhoo.

Hi Jon.

Shouldn't the file have a .json extension?


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PR opened Dhghomon/easy_rust

remove the repeated word
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Rod Elias

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remove the repeated word

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delete branch chapeupreto/SOLID4Noobs

delete branch : improvements

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PR opened DanielHe4rt/SOLID4Noobs

chore: improve docs
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create barnchchapeupreto/SOLID4Noobs

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fork chapeupreto/SOLID4Noobs

Aprenda SOLID com exemplos práticos

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delete branch chapeupreto/shiki-php

delete branch : small-refactor

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PR opened spatie/shiki-php

refactor: split the main code up into methods

This MR introduces a small refactor to keep codeToHtml small.

This MR also uses declare(strict_types=1) in order to scrict type the whole codebase.

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Rod Elias

commit sha 7d1ccde4c5d0f46295455a4ed83c294125244c18

refactor: split the main code up into methods

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create barnchchapeupreto/shiki-php

branch : small-refactor

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