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Ruben R cha0s My repositories here are outdated. More recent work is elsewhere.

cha0s/clidom 5

Parse a DOM from the command line

cha0s/avocado 1

Avocado, a free CoffeeScript game development framework.

cha0s/avocado-spi-sdl 1

SDL SPI implementations for Avocado

cha0s/angular 0

One framework. Mobile & desktop.

cha0s/angular-seed 0

Seed project for angular apps.

cha0s/angular-strap 0

Bootstrap directives for Angular

cha0s/avocado-baseline 0

Make HTML5 games that can run in capable browsers, as well as native!

cha0s/avocado-cpp 0

C++ bindings for the avocado game framework

issue commentDidstopia/rust-server certificate error

The website has not moved. The incorrect SSL certificate is provided.


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issue commentDidstopia/rust-server certificate error

Wake up. Wake up.

Wake up.


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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

`files.watcherExclude` setting cannot apply on `nfsw` watcher

This is still incredibly bad to the point where I am starting to consider migrating to another IDE on Linux.

For reference, vscode is using over 500,000 watchers to watch a single workspace with 3 monorepos in it.

owncloud is using ~4200 to watch all those files in t he vscode workspace, plus another half dozen monorepos as well as other projects, and a multitude of unrelated other files being synchronized.

This is becoming a show-stopping bug.


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issue openedDidstopia/rust-server certificate error

Not a problem with the image, just that I got a cert error when visiting and thought you should know about it :)

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