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ch0psticks/Dll-Hijack-Detect 6


ch0psticks/Ablation 0

Augmenting Static Analysis Using Pintool: Ablation

ch0psticks/amico 0

AMICO - Accurate Behavior-Based Detection of Malware Downloads

ch0psticks/AndBug 0

Android Debugging Library

ch0psticks/androguard 0

Reverse engineering, Malware and goodware analysis of Android applications ... and more (ninja !)

ch0psticks/android-security-awesome 0

A collection of android security related resources

ch0psticks/AndroidSlidingUpPanel 0

Android Sliding Up Panel Demo

ch0psticks/android_packages_apps_apolloMod 0

ApolloMod is an open source music player based on CyanogenMod's Apollo Music Player and released under the same Apache License. It has many changes to the layout and basic functionality as well as a growing list of new features.

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Application permission management and IPC authentication | 提供应用权限管理及IPC通信鉴权能力

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