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cesarandreu/angular-server-form 35

simple server validation with angular

cesarandreu/6to5 0

Turn ES6+ code into readable vanilla ES5 with source maps and more!

cesarandreu/AACPlugin 0

Research project where we created multiple browser plugins in order to educate users about potential privacy risks.

cesarandreu/absinthe_plug 0

Plug support for Absinthe

cesarandreu/absinthe_relay 0

Absinthe support for the Relay framework

cesarandreu/airpal 0

Web UI for PrestoDB.

cesarandreu/alt 0

Isomorphic flux implementation

cesarandreu/angular-drag-and-drop-lists 0

Angular directives for sorting nested lists using the HTML5 Drag & Drop API

cesarandreu/angular-dragon-drop 0

Drag and Drop for AngularJS