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altnetseattle/olympia_software_craftsmanship_workshop 6

Files and documents for the upcoming Olympia Software Craftsmanship Workshop.

cbilson/Camp 6

My current bus project.

cbilson/EmacsChocolateyPackage 4

source crap for emacs chocolatey package

cbilson/fsharpsilverlightwithxaml 3

Sample of f# code in silverlight with a XAML UserControl

cbilson/chirpy 2

Our fork of chirpy to fix some annoying problems we were having with it downloading resources

cbilson/emacs-starter-kit 2

All the code you need to get started, with an emphasis on dynamic languages.

cbilson/fancysilverlightfsharpapp 2

F# Silverlight app with a primitive notion of modules and one module that uses the difference analysis stuff I got from "The Haskell Road to Maths Programming and Logic"

cbilson/fsharpclickme 2

A silverlight button in f# - just so I can remember how to build it