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casidiablo/date-slider 20

Android DateSlider

casidiablo/android-facebook 15

Tunned Facebook SDK for Android

casidiablo/c2dm-library 3

Cloud To Device Messaging Library

casidiablo/app.color 2

Experimental app launcher based on color filters

casidiablo/armuino 2

Control Arm From Android using Arduino

casidiablo/dharma 2

Hackish Focused Mode Plugin for IntelliJ

casidiablo/calabash-android 1

Automated Functional testing for Android based on cucumber

casidiablo/Abricotine 0

A markdown editor with inline preview

release be5invis/Iosevka

v7.0.0-preview.1 49.87MB 22.83MB 49.96MB 58.85MB 26.97MB 58.93MB 17.63MB 17.81MB 18.01MB 17.48MB 17.70MB 17.66MB 17.61MB 18.10MB 17.93MB 17.95MB 18.01MB 18MB 17.53MB 17.49MB 18.45MB 17.55MB 18.83MB 52.12MB 23.53MB 52.12MB 61.38MB 27.73MB 61.47MB 17.85MB 18.03MB 18.24MB 17.71MB 17.92MB 17.91MB 17.85MB 18.31MB 18.15MB 18.17MB 18.27MB 18.24MB 17.75MB 17.71MB 18.69MB 17.78MB 19.05MB 57.15MB 32.69MB 57.18MB 66.97MB 37.75MB 43.49MB 43.53MB 53.03MB 53MB 16.44MB 16.64MB 16.48MB 16.30MB 16.40MB 16.38MB 16.32MB 16.73MB 16.43MB 16.33MB 16.30MB 16.36MB 16.30MB 16.12MB 16.66MB 16.49MB 16.78MB 66.94MB 22.10MB 22.40MB 22.14MB 21.92MB 22.04MB 22.05MB 21.99MB 22.46MB 22.09MB 21.96MB 21.92MB 22.02MB 21.95MB 21.70MB 22.36MB 22.14MB 22.50MB 57.20MB 57.24MB 67.03MB 67.01MB 21.88MB 22.15MB 21.92MB 21.70MB 21.80MB 21.82MB 21.76MB 22.24MB 21.88MB 21.75MB 21.70MB 21.78MB 21.73MB 21.48MB 22.14MB 21.90MB 22.29MB 37.45MB 21.04MB 37.49MB 43.59MB 24.25MB 28.86MB 28.90MB 34.86MB 34.82MB 11.43MB 11.42MB 11.46MB 11.33MB 11.44MB 11.41MB 11.38MB 11.69MB 11.44MB 11.34MB 11.30MB 11.47MB 11.36MB 11.19MB 11.58MB 11.40MB 11.59MB 43.55MB 14.98MB 14.98MB 15.01MB 14.86MB 14.99MB 14.96MB 14.94MB 15.30MB 15MB 14.88MB 14.81MB 15.03MB 14.91MB 14.69MB 15.15MB 14.94MB 15.16MB 37.49MB 37.53MB 43.63MB 43.60MB 14.88MB 14.87MB 14.90MB 14.75MB 14.88MB 14.86MB 14.83MB 15.19MB 14.89MB 14.77MB 14.71MB 14.93MB 14.80MB 14.58MB 15.04MB 14.82MB 15.05MB 91.43MB 51.95MB 91.46MB 0.10GB 57.94MB 70.19MB 70.23MB 81.93MB 81.91MB 27.87MB 28.18MB 27.94MB 27.61MB 27.80MB 27.76MB 27.67MB 28.36MB 27.85MB 27.69MB 27.63MB 27.74MB 27.63MB 27.33MB 28.27MB 27.97MB 28.46MB 0.10GB 37.36MB 37.84MB 37.42MB 37.03MB 37.24MB 37.26MB 37.17MB 37.98MB 37.35MB 37.13MB 37.06MB 37.24MB 37.10MB 36.69MB 37.83MB 37.45MB 38.05MB 91.51MB 91.55MB 0.10GB 0.10GB 37.03MB 37.46MB 37.09MB 36.71MB 36.88MB 36.92MB 36.82MB 37.63MB 37.03MB 36.81MB 36.73MB 36.86MB 36.77MB 36.34MB 37.50MB 37.07MB 37.72MB

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release libretro/RetroArch


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release nolanlawson/pinafore


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release MixinNetwork/mixin


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fork jherico/aws-ecr-orb

CircleCI orb for interacting with Amazon's Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

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release josegonzalez/cli-skeleton


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created repositoryept/debs-keynote

Keynote at the 15th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS)

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created repositorymattt/commoditize

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fork danopia/datadog-go

go dogstatsd client library for datadog

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release square/sqldelight_bazel_rules


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release square/sqldelight_bazel_rules


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release square/sqldelight_bazel_rules


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