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Chris Armstrong carmstrong @hashicorp Seattle People-focused technical leader, cloud architect, pilot, amateur baker, expert ginger. Currently leading SRE for Terraform Cloud at HashiCorp.

carmstrong/multinode-ceph-vagrant 69

A 3-node Ceph cluster running on Vagrant VMs.

carmstrong/multinode-glusterfs-vagrant 35

This guide walks users through setting up a 3-node GlusterFS cluster, creating and starting a volume, and mounting it on a client.

carmstrong/hacking-on-deis-workshop 6

A workshop for customizing a Deis cluster on AWS.

carmstrong/glusterfs-docker-ubuntu 2

A Docker image which preinstalls glusterfs on Ubuntu.

carmstrong/multinode-glusterfs-docker 2

A multinode GlusterFS cluster running inside Docker containers.

carmstrong/azure-linux 0

Documentation and examples for how to leverage various linux technologies with Azure

carmstrong/azure-quickstart-templates 0

Azure Quickstart Templates

carmstrong/bgg 0

A gem for interacting with the Boardgamegeek API

carmstrong/ceph-days-sf-deis-2015 0

Deis talk at Ceph Days San Francisco, March 2015

carmstrong/ 0

My personal site.