Frank Hoffsümmer captnswing Stockholm

lra/mackup 11628

Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

captnswing/msttcorefonts 23

Dockerfile that installs Microsoft Corefonts

captnswing/chef-webscreenshots 2

chef cookbook for webscreenshots project

captnswing/freechess 1

parse and visualize PGN chess files written by clients

captnswing/graphite_fabric 1

automatically install graphite and statsd on an Amazon EC2 linux instance using python-fabric

captnswing/prisinfo 1

Jämför priserna i magento_prisfil med pricerunner, prisjakt, mm

captnswing/graphite_vagrant 0

set up a vagrant box that runs graphite

captnswing/homebrew-cask 0

🍻 A CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries

captnswing/homebrew-cask-drivers 0

🖨 Casks of Drivers

captnswing/mackup 0

Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

issue commentwhalebrew/whalebrew

terraform outdated

@tjamet the Dockerfile you link to already refers to the terraform:latest image.

so re-triggering the build of this docker image should result in the latest and greatest terraform version


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issue commentveloce/lichobile

Screen Shift glitch

@veloce steps to reproduce (on my iOS 15 phone):

  • play a 5+0 Bitz game against online opponent
  • finish game (resign/abort doesn't seem to trigger the bug)
  • start new 5+0 game ("new opponent" or from homepage)

when the new game starts, the screen shifts downwards. after a few games, the hamburger menu in the bottom left becomes impossible to reach


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