capi/WifiSsidPreference 1

An Android Preference to select WiFi SSIDs from stored WiFi networks

capi/colloquypush 0

Modules for irc clients and bouncers that add Push support to Colloquy Mobile

capi/DatePreference 0

A DatePreference, analogous to EditTextPreference or ListPreference

capi/google-authenticator-android 0

Fork of: Google Authenticator Android app. Opensource version.

capi/ImapNote2 0

Sync your notes between Android, iOs devices and different accounts like Gmail, iCloud and others

capi/KeyRemap4MacBook-de 0

A simple configuration for German PC Keyboard Layout on a Mac

capi/munin-graphite 0

Gather Munin statistics and push them into Graphite

capi/nagios-checks 0

A collection of custom checks for Nagios

capi/syncthing-android 0

Wrapper of syncthing for Android.


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issue commentzadam/trilium

(Bug report) Docker image latest version behind this repo

Something is still strange with the docker-tags:

  1. 0.48.6-docker, it's the only one with the -docker suffix
  2. 0.48-latest does not match digest with 0.48.6-docker



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issue openedmgsloan/todoist-shortcuts

Add-on interferes with the new Command Menu shortcut (Ctrl-K)

Todoist introduced the new command menu (Ctrl-K) shortcut. As long as this extension is installed, the Ctrl-K is unfortunately not working on Windows 10, Firefox 94.0.1. Instead, the unified search bar pops up in Google search mode.


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