Gerardo Renovales camazorro Lakeland, FL Experienced software development team leader with over sixteen years of experience leading, designing, building and delivering mobile and web solutions.

camazorro/MathEditor 9

WYSIWYG MathEditor

camazorro/Heatmap 1

Mouse tracking using Node and Mongo

camazorro/api.pm2.monitor 0

PM2 Monitor API, With Dependency Injection using Architect. Mongoose for MongoDB, HAPI and Joi

camazorro/Barebones-React-App 0

Basic React boilerplate (React 16, React Hot Loader, Webpack 4)

camazorro/brackets 0

An open source code editor for the web, written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

camazorro/bvcms 0

The open source church management system

camazorro/checkin-printer 0

This is a tiny bit of software that allows the Church.IO Checkin System to print remotely to a DYMO LabelWriter controlled by a Raspberry Pi.

camazorro/codelakeland-serverless-react 0

Example Code for Code Lakeland session

camazorro/cognitio 0

cognitio main page


started time in a month


started time in a month


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started time in 3 months

issue openedadamsoffer/react-hubspot

Add support for GDPR

Will be awesome to add support for GDPR

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