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Caleb Kleveter calebkleveter Garmin Inc. Kansas City, Kansas, USA Poly-artisan and Vapor developer. Previously a contractor at @skelpo Inc and a moderator at @treehouse.

calebkleveter/Meteorologist 9

A simple weather app that use Core Location and the Dark Sky API.

calebkleveter/CKDropdownMenu 7

A Swift version of nmattisson/DropdownMenu

calebkleveter/chatter 6

An example project used in a series I am writing on Medium

calebkleveter/NIOAsync 6

Combines SwiftCoroutines and Swift NIO for Async/Await support with EventLoopFutures

calebkleveter/Argon2 1

A Swift wrapper for the Argon2 C implementation

calebkleveter/Mist 1

A CMS built with Vapor

calebkleveter/ASM 0

Learning Assembly on 64-bit Ubuntu with NASM


Pull request review commentvapor/mysql-nio

Clean up the ByteBuffer utility methods

 extension MySQLProtocol {                 guard let reserved1 = packet.payload.readSlice(length: 6) else {                     throw Error.missingReserved                 }-                assert(reserved1.isZeroes, "invalid reserve 1 \(reserved1)")+                assert(reserved1.readableBytesView.allSatisfy { $0 == 0 }, "invalid reserve 1 \(reserved1)")

How does this change improve performance?


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PR opened vapor/docs

Fixed typo in Google JWT code comment typo

<!-- 🚀 Thank you for contributing! -->

<!-- Describe your changes clearly and use examples if possible. -->

<!-- When this PR is merged, the title and body will be --> <!-- used to generate a release automatically. -->

The comment in the Google JWT snippet said 'Microsoft' instead of 'Google'.

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create barnchvapor/docs

branch : code-comment-typo

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release skelpo/JSON


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For dealing with ambiguous JSON that doesn't connect to a specific type

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push eventskelpo/JSON

Gwynne Raskind

commit sha 282c85961ab3683c7b182f3fc0afb279a53387b7

Add explicitly-typed UInt overloads (usually Codable suggests them) for _JSON[Keyed|Unkeyed|Single]Value[Encoder|Decoder] and their containers. UInt also gets a customized JSONRepresentable conformance that round-trips its bit pattern through Int.

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Gwynne Raskind

commit sha 6986bb8aac3f26e424a3b3155e1443d51ba40c8a

Add unit test for round-tripping of UInt through JSON when encoded by a single-value container.

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Caleb Kleveter

commit sha 2673a405aaab323678a8fd118492b393ae45cebd

Merge pull request #8 from skelpo/fix-uint-singlevalue-coding Fix Uint coding when wrapped by a SingleValueContainer

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PR merged skelpo/JSON

Fix Uint coding when wrapped by a SingleValueContainer bug

Attempting to encode a Uint into a SingleValueContainer when the encoder is JSONCoder will crash in an infinite recursion. Explicitly round-trip UInt through Int by reinterpreting its bit pattern (previously was using the plain Int initializer for conversion, creating additional issues for values greater than Int.max).

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