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Claudio Acciaresi cacciaresi devartis Buenos Aires, Argentina

guillermoamaral/Webside 8

Smalltalk IDE implemented using ReactJS and Material-UI

cacciaresi/dotfiles 1

.files, including ~/.osx — sensible hacker defaults for OS X

guillermoamaral/Pharo-Webside 1

Webside API implementation in Pharo

cacciaresi/barman 0

Barman is a small library to brew JavaScript objects. It simplifies the definition of objects using single-inheritance and traits like composition.

cacciaresi/cookiecutter-tutor-plugin 0

Cookiecutter for tutor plugins

cacciaresi/gitlab-copy 0

Batch copy issues between GitLab instances, with some cool features

cacciaresi/openedx-micromanager 0

Micromanage all your Open edx micro frontend (MFE) applications -- with style.

cacciaresi/tutor 0

The docker-based Open edX distribution designed for peace of mind

cacciaresi/tutor-discovery 0

Course Discovery plugin for Tutor

cacciaresi/tutor-ecommerce 0

Ecommerce plugin for Tutor