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Becca Krouse bzkrouse @RhoInc Chapel Hill, NC

sfirke/packagemetrics 128

A Package for Helping You Choose Which Package to Use

Novartis/tidymodules 96

An Object-Oriented approach to Shiny modules

pharmaR/riskmetric 91

Metrics to evaluate the risk of R packages

nashjc/Rnavpkg 13

Material relating to the navigation of the R package universe

RhoInc/web-codebook 8

A web-based version of the codebook, which generates a concise summary of every variable in a dataset.

agstn/moma_trelliscopejs 1

Code and Display for The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collection

bzkrouse/r-graph-catalog 1

All graphs in “Creating More Effective Graphs”, made with R package ggplot2.

agstn/Kaggle_BNP 0

BNP Paribas Cardif Claims Management