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buma/kaggle-job-salary 5

My submission to Kaggle job salary prediction

buma/GPSOverlay 3

Adds GPS data overlay to video

buma/GraphQlGenerator 3

Java GraphQL schema generator from Java classes

buma/kaggle-gender-prediction 2

My submission to Kaggle gender prediction competition

buma/livemap 1

Real-time visualization of public transportation based on parsed GTFS data sets.

buma/alpine-tilestache 0

Docker image for simple Tilestache running under uwsgi on Alpine Linux

buma/babel 0

The new official repository for Babel, the Python Internationalization Library

buma/Buku 0

:bookmark: Powerful command-line bookmark manager. Your mini web!


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fork RamsteinWR/kaggle-gender-prediction

My submission to Kaggle gender prediction competition

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