Bucky Roberts buckyroberts thenewboston Pasadena, CA

buckyroberts/Source-Code-from-Tutorials 1991

Here is the source code from all of my tutorials.

buckyroberts/Spider 811

Python website crawler.

buckyroberts/React-Redux-Boilerplate 789

Awesome React / Redux boilerplate and tutorial.

buckyroberts/Ella 447

Self-improving decision organism

buckyroberts/Python-Design-Patterns 376

Python Design Patterns

buckyroberts/Vataxia 340

Open source social network built with Django and Django REST framework

buckyroberts/Vataxia-Frontend 240

Open source social network written in React and Redux

buckyroberts/Turtle 218

Python reverse shell.

buckyroberts/React-Boilerplate 171

React boilerplate for thenewboston tutorials.

buckyroberts/angular-2-template 165

Basic template for getting started with Angular 2 projects.