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bubski/Rosetta 7

Swift JSON mapper

bubski/SwiftHelpers 5

Convenience stuff I commonly use

bubski/JSONEncoderLinux 4

Quick and dirty implementation of Swift 4 JSONEncoder / JSONDecoder that's compatible with Linux

bubski/BCHUtils 3

Utils for iOS / macOS development, primary in Swift

bubski/CommandLine 0

A pure Swift library for creating command-line interfaces

bubski/Hackintosh-Intel-i9-10900k-Gigabyte-Z490-Vision-D 0

bubski/HubFramework 0

Spotify’s component-driven UI framework for iOS

bubski/HWIFileDownload 0

HWIFileDownload simplifies file download integration on iOS. It is based on NSURLSession so it offers system background operation even when the app is not running. HWIFileDownload is backwards compatible down to iOS 6 (where NSURLConnection is used instead of NSURLSession).

bubski/ios-snapshot-test-case 0

Snapshot view unit tests for iOS

fork bubski/MacOSX-SDKs

A collection of those pesky SDK folders: MacOSX10.1.5.sdk thru MacOSX11.3.sdk

fork in 2 months