Benedikt Schmotzle - byte_swap bsw4p Germany

bsw4p/gpn18-binja-plugin-development 9

Slides from my talk at the Gulasch Programming Night 18 about developing Binary Ninja plugins. Recording at:

bsw4p/binja-msdn 7

Binary Ninja plugin to query MSDN api documentation.

bsw4p/dangr 5

Dockerfile for the angr binary analysis framework

bsw4p/binja-keyja 3

Basic integration of keystone engine into Binary Ninja

bsw4p/binja-dictja 2

Create a fuzzing dictionary suitable for AFL and Libfuzzer out of found constants from binary ninja.

bsw4p/binja-fuzzit 1

Generate a fuzzing harness for (shared) libraries from Binary Ninja

bsw4p/binja-stark 1

Binary Ninja reversing helper plugin

bsw4p/cheatsheets 1

Various cheatsheets

bsw4p/containermaker 1

Configure, build, run, control docker containers with gnu-make and simple config files.

bsw4p/debugging-tools 1

Various debugging tools such as %DumpObjects for v8