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Bryan Berry bryanwb Hot Air Industries Bangkok, Thailand Working on the Internet of Money

bryanwb/chef-ark 60

An archive unpacker and installer

bryanwb/chef-java 7

java cookbook

bryanwb/chef-logstash 6

Semi-official Logstash cookbook

bryanwb/chef 3

A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

bryanwb/chef-client 3

fork of opscode's chef-client, that allows you run the client as a cron job

bryanwb/chef-collectd 3

Chef cookbook for collectd

bryanwb/chef-maven-bin 3

Recipes for installing maven2 and maven3 from the binaries provided by the maven project

bryanwb/chef-graphite 2

"Installs/Configures graphite"

issue commentava-labs/avalanchejs

UTXO functionality

I am hitting the same issue signing a transaction

let tx = unsignedTx.sign(xchain.keyChain()); generates the error

        const signval: Buffer = keypair.sign(msg)
TypeError: Cannot read property 'sign' of undefined

xchain has my keypair loaded.

W/out being able to sign a transaction, I can't create an asset, the most basic use case for avalanchejs. Halp :(


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push eventoctopayment/octo


commit sha 6ae8dd917cbccd06d185f0439b4cf05daa823b28

Add fuji tokenlist

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commit sha 5d5d9d8c4b57cb989b402781ab9155f75e74fcb8

Add octo logo for logoURI

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octo is a payments application for web3

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