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Bruno Casado brunocasado Brazil / São Paulo

brunocasado/git-copy 0

Create structure files based on GIT Commits

brunocasado/html5-history-api 0

Example use of HTML5 API Story

brunocasado/kenoby-node 0

Kenoby API Wrapper

brunocasado/PHPWord 0

A pure PHP library for reading and writing word files

brunocasado/printThis 0

jQuery print plugin

brunocasado/swig 0

Take a swig of the best template engine for JavaScript.

brunocasado/twig.js 0

JS implementation of the Twig Templating Language

brunocasado/umd 0

UMD (Universal Module Definition) patterns for JavaScript modules that work everywhere.

issue commentprisma/prisma

Support Postgres window functions

i'd like this feature too. I think that in almost cases we need use native functions.


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