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Shawn broodfusion Fullstack developer experienced in React, NodeJS, Elixir/Phoenix

broodfusion/gentle-monster-inventory-app 1

A simple inventory management app for Gentle Monster

broodfusion/30-days-of-elixir 0

A walk through the Elixir language in 30 exercises.

broodfusion/advanced-react-hooks 0

Learn Advanced React Hooks workshop

broodfusion/advanced-react-patterns 0

This is the latest advanced react patterns workshop

broodfusion/advanced-react-patterns-v2 0

Created with CodeSandbox

broodfusion/auth0-react-samples 0

OIDC conformant samples for React

broodfusion/awesome-react 0

A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem.

broodfusion/bookshelf 0

Build a ReactJS App workshop

broodfusion/concurrent-react 0

React Suspense workshop

broodfusion/css-grid 0

Starter Files + Solutions to my Course